for Books

A video streaming solution for the publishing industry that expands the reading experience with video content. It offers additional insights for readers and additional revenue for publishers.


Improve your print revenue with dedicated video streaming solution that helps to win the consumers in a hassle-free way.

Improved revenue

more income from every book

incremental money

free from distribution fees

win-win business model

Attract consumers

words empowered with visuals

deepened reading experience

facilitated understanding

more attractive content

Easy to manage

the complete solution

ready content manager

no technical skills required

no investment in technology

Expand the reading experience

Redge Media for Books expands the reading experience with videos that show more than still images can. The reader goes straight to the movie after copying a QR code that is printed in a book. Videos are aggregated on the publisher’s portal, either directly or as references to external sites. The visual message aids in memorization and improves understanding.

Monetize the audience

Redge Media for Books provides additional revenue to publishers. Video content can be monetized transactionally, subscription-based or in an advertising model, in which the publisher is involved. Fees may be charged for redirecting users to an external service. Additional income also may come from the use of advertising space on the site.

Hassle-free solution

Redge Media for Books does not require technological knowledge – the platform has an intuitive CMS system that helps users manage the content and advertising space. The solution is intended for publishers of schoolbooks, factual literature or fictional masterpieces.