RedgeMedia Security

Security suite for a premium video. Multi-DRM and forensic content watermarking.

Ultimate protection

Redge Media Security is an umbrella solution for content protection. A single service covers Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple Fair Play ecosystems providing content protection across all major playback platforms and business models (live, xVOD, PPV). Redge Media Security offers customizable security levels and multi-key DRM for different ABR profiles.

Beyond DRM

Redge Media Security integrates the Vestigit® forensic watermarking engine. An invisible, AI-crafted watermark can be injected into transcoded live or VOD content, either on a per-asset or even per-stream basis. Thanks to an automated crawler, this makes it possible to track illegal content distribution, including identifying individuals who leak the content.

Easy to deploy

Redge Media Security offers easy deployment – it is available as an API to become a part of your existing video pipeline or comes pre-integrated with other Redge Media products. Both approaches allow premium security with no up-front investment and pay-as-you-go pricing. Effective content security, in turn, reduces lost profits caused by unauthorized distribution of content.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated support team to provide help whenever you need it.

We offer much more than standard technical support. We provide complete customer support, sharing our business know-how to let you set up or upgrade your video streaming business in a fast and affordable manner. Our goal is to provide technical excellence solutions in a hassle-free way.