RedgeMedia Origin

A distributed, secure origin for linear and non-linear content. On-the-fly content packaging, limitless horizontal scalability.

Limitless scalability and durability

Redge Media Origin was designed with scalability and durability in mind. The platform consists of a distributed storage cluster, which automatically replicates content and validates its integrity. Thanks to its architecture, each part of Redge Media Origin can be scaled horizontally, with no artificial capacity limits.

Unparalleled compatibility

Redge Media Origin supports most major streaming standards, including OTT (MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming), IPTV (RTSP/RTP) and audio-only (Shoutcast). Thanks to the on-the-fly packaging, only a single copy of the asset has to be provided. Redge Media Origin supports low latency streaming, to provide a best-in-class live streaming experience.


Redge Media Origin can integrate with existing content storage (e.g. AWS S3) and comes with the CDN selector module. Thanks to this, a Multi-CDN scenario can be easily deployed with automated traffic management, according to business and QoE rules. Redge Media Origin provides best-in-class live channel support with seamless timeshift/catch-up TV and shared copy nPVR.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated support team to provide help whenever you need it.

We offer much more than standard technical support. We provide complete customer support, sharing our business know-how to let you set up or upgrade your video streaming business in a fast and affordable manner. Our goal is to provide technical excellence solutions in a hassle-free way.