RedgeMedia CDN

A video-oriented, scalable content delivery network, available in the cloud or in a hybrid on-prem-cloud model.

Active edge

Redge Media CDN provides on-the-fly content processing features, such as content packaging to standard ABR streams (DASH, HLS, CMAF, HSS), forensic AI-based stream watermarking, SSAI and image scaling. Edge-centric architecture and a versatile service discovery framework makes it possible to deploy custom edge services, implementing in-stream business logic.

Ultimate scalability

It offers horizontal scalability inherent to a microservice architecture. Each layer of the platform can be scaled horizontally, without any limits or bottlenecks. No classical clustering and a load-balancing approach. The granularity of increment is defined by the hardware capacity. The architecture allows for low-risk investment which grows with video traffic.


Available in PaaS and on-premise models – as well as in a hybrid model, in which the typical, day-to-day traffic is handled by on-prem nodes, whereas traffic peaks are offloaded to a public CDN cloud. The system makes it possible to precisely define technical and business rules for traffic routing. This approach enables the lowering of TCO, while maintaining exceptionally high QoE metrics.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated support team to provide help whenever you need it.

We offer much more than standard technical support. We provide complete customer support, sharing our business know-how to let you set up or upgrade your video streaming business in a fast and affordable manner. Our goal is to provide technical excellence solutions in a hassle-free way.